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This mug was hand-built from B-Mix slabs that are rolled with a heart pattern. Then I hand stamped it to create a woven pattern between the hearts. I also hand built a small "bowl" shape with a foot that became the bottom of the mug. Next I painted each individual heart with red underglaze. After the handle is added it was bisque fire. After the bisque fire it was glazed with clear on the inside and Archie's Base on the outside to create the cool drippy effect. Lastly it was fired to cone 6 for strength & beauty.

**The mug for sale is the exact mug in the pictures

- B-Mix

- 22 oz approx.

- 4"x5.5"x4.57"

- food safe

- microwave safe

- as with all handmade ceramics handwashing is the safest.

PLEASE NOTE : The cup will become hot when filled with hot liquid, so please use for hot beverages with caution.

Please enjoy your beautiful, one of a kind cup!

Hand-Built Drippy (Melting) Heart Mug

Excluding Sales Tax
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