Katy Nickell is currently working as a full-time artist and part-time private art teacher at Oil & Clay in Norman, OK. She taught previously for six years at Norman High School and before that at Central Washington University and Oklahoma City Community College.  She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with her Bachelor of Fine Art then she went on to receive a Masters in Fine Art from Central Washington University.

She’s been working in ceramics and 3-D art for 20+ years and continues to refine her body of work. Her work explores the interplay between feminine & nature's beauty. In her graduate thesis exhibition she created over a thousand handmade porcelain flowers for a garden installation.

Hand-building, throwing and slip-casting are some of the techniques that are used in creating her artwork. For the flower covered series, she creates the base form from slabs or on the pottery wheel, then shapes and applies each flower or petal individually by hand. The cup series that she creates uses a slip-casting process. She uses stained liquid porcelain to create many different designs.