These nesting bowls are wheel-thrown with Laguna Spectacular clay. They are created to nestle inside each other. After they are bisque fired the glazes, lime, lemon, orange and cherry, were chosen to create a citrus theme. I love the way the glazes speckles show through the glazes. They appear to sparkle. The 4 bowls for sale are the ones in the pictures.

Lime bowl- 7 oz.

Lemon bowl- 12 oz.

Orange bowl- 22 oz.

Cherry bowl- 30 oz.

These bowls are food safe.

They are dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

PLEASE NOTE : These bowls will become hot when filled with hot liquid, so please use hot liquids with caution.

Please enjoy your beautiful nesting bowls!


Speckled Citrus Themed Nesting Bowls

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