A set of 3 pink porcelain nesting bowls with blue hydrangea applied. They are glazed 3 different glazes to create the colorful drippy effect. They are fully functional & food safe. They are then fired to cone 6  to create the vibrant colors and the strong clay body. They set neatly inside one another to become this beautiful artistic set of nesting bowls.~The smallest bowl holds aprox. 20 oz. ~The medium bowl holds aprox. 30 oz. ~The largest bowl holds aprox. 42 oz.  This sale is for the exact bowls in the pictures & video.As will all hand made pottery hand washing is encouraged for protective care.These bowls will become hot when filled with hot liquid, so please use with caution.So fall in love with a design & that is the one you will recieve.Please enjoy these beautiful, one of a kind bowls!

Pink Hydrangea Nesting Bowls