This is a porcelain ombré autumn colors aspen (birch) bowl. It has a unique aspen tree design that is hand painted in a mold with colored porcelain slip. Each mark on the trees are carved in by hand. After it has been bisque fire black underglaze is painted into the carvings to give it a unique aspen designs. The inside is glazed with clear so it is fully functional & food safe. It is then fired to cone 6 to create the vibrant colors and the strong clay body. This sale is for the exact bowl in the pictures ~The bowl holds aprox. 20 oz.  ~ Microwave and dishwasher safeglazed interiors and buff unglazed exteriors. (But as with all handmade ceramics hand washing is preferred.) ~ This bowl will become hot when filled with hot liquid, so please use with caution.So fall in love with a design & that is the one you will recieve.Please enjoy these beautiful, one of a kind bowls!

Ombré Autumn Aspen Bowl


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