This is a high-fired porcelain 16 oz. cup.The body of the cup is created with white porcelain with colbalt stained porcelain stipes. Then after it's been bisque fire three different glazes are layered on it. Then it is fired to cone 6 for strength & to create a drippy glaze.
This sale is for the exact cup in the picture. So fall in love with a design & that is the one you will recieve.
-16 oz approximately

-microwave and dishwasher safe

-glazed interiors and  exteriors.

non-porous - it won't stain from coffee, tea, or wine.

PLEASE NOTE : The cup will become hot when filled with hot liquid, so please use for hot beverages with caution.
Please enjoy this beautiful, one of a kind cup!

Cobalt Striped Porcelain Pint Cup w/ Drippy Blue Glaze


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